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DreamLand: Fruits & Veggies

In the stillness of the night, everything comes alive in paradise... In the most beautiful place on earth called the Garden of Eden, there lived Adam and Eve. They lived in harmony together with the fruits and vegetables in the land. Everything was so perfect until a mistake changed everything for the worse. Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the tree. As their punishment, God banished them from paradise and everyone experienced the downfall, even some of the fruits and vegetables. Oh, no! What are they going to do?

Elizabeth and the Dominance of Species

Elizabeth and the Dominance of Species picks up mere hours after the conclusion of the first book; titled Elizabeth and the Observatory. Jonathan Hartaway, after having fought his way across the now ruined city of Paris, brought to its near destruction by the invading Martian army, has achieved the goal which he set out for from London days previous. Having arrived at the center of Paris, the Cathedral de Notre Dame, Jonathan is overjoyed to find that his artist from his English countryside Observatory, Elizabeth Stratin, has found her own way across France. Elizabeth survived the destruction of the train carrying the expedition from the Royal London Museum on its way to Egypt only to have greeted Jonathan with a broken body and near broken spirit. Jonathan and Elizabeth finally accepted the intense feelings that they secretly held back from one another and allowed themselves the love they shared together for what short time remained before the relentless Martian warships reduced their little piece of heaven on Earth into ruins. With the refugees around having given themselves up for dead, Jonathan and Elizabeth combine their intelligences and ability to work together so well and with the help of the friends they made along the way, they formulate a plan to get everyone around them to safety outside the city. The reality of the situation is dire as the Cathedral de Notre Dame sits at the center of it all. With Martian war machines, lethal and gigantic three legged mechanical monsters to one side, and the combined remnants of the British and French forces raining shells down on the Cathedral in an attempt to slow the Martian Advance, Jonathan and Elizabeth lead the refugees back under the city. In an attempt to reach safety Jonathan and Elizabeth, along with their friends Tom Watershed and Madeline Singer, the four of them return to the Catacombs and tunnels beneath the streets of Paris. Making their way under the city, the four of them rediscover the will to live and have hopes of happiness beyond the horrors of the streets above their heads. Meanwhile; on the other side of the world, another similar drama is playing out. In Panama Doctor Curt Bellows, a doctor hired to treat the sick and injured at the vast building of the Panama Canal Project, has fled into the jungle. There as he tries to escape the viciousness of the Martian invasion, he meets Marissa Morgan. Having herself escaped the Martian war machines, she and Curt form a quick friendship that the two of them both seem to hope develops into something more. The two survived the destruction of the river-town where they sought refuge. Curt, along with the military commander of the American unit dispatched to protect the Canal, attempt to rebuild the destroyed Ironclad vessel and steam their way to the coast and the safety of the open Caribbean Sea. All the while, the Martians continued drive towards dominating the world at all its corners continues to push Curt and Marissa to new strengths in themselves as more help arrives to assist them in their quest to simply survive another day. The stage is set for a battle at the edge of the ocean as to who will control the vital land-link between two continents. In Paris, Jonathan and Elizabeth lead the refugees into the gutted shell of the once lavish Louvre Art Museum. One last desperate run across the city to the gates of Paris and Jonathan and Elizabeth will be able to escape it all and live out their few remaining days together in the safety of the French countryside. However along the way, hardships beget tragedy as friends fall and are lost forever and injuries suffered during the journey begin to take their toll on all involved, threatening to bring Jonathan’s and Elizabeth’s bliss of marriage to a frightening and painful end. The hope for Jonathan and Elizabeth is that they were not too late in accepting their undeniable love for one another.

Encouragement: My Book of Psalms

The book "encourage" is written to enlighten the hearts of others, and say there is a way out of any given situation. It will mention when losing hope and feel depress; there is someone you can turn to. There is encouragement in death, and the excitement of love written from the heart. In this book I would like others to be reminded of the pass and excited for the future and given to the present. There will be similes of age and youth troubles and peace to help individuals to build beyond present issues of life. We can't predict what will happen but can be prepared for what take place.

The Wonderful World of Genie Geometry

The Wonderful World of Genie Geometry, demystifies the foundations and concepts of geometry in an entertaining and interactive format. Phillip Godenschwager’s illustrations are funny and are easy to draw models to help children complete their assignments. Geometry is a subject that can be intimidating or scary to kids and adults. Lupton’s approach makes geometry easily accessible by making the learning experience a hands-on process. He also breaks down the relationships between lines and angles in a literary format that also works as a fairy tale or fantasy story. (quoted from: Jack Magnus – Reader’s Favorite Reviews)

Confessions of the Heart

Confessions of the Heart is an intimate and provocative collection of poems and letters that captures the essence of my thought life in two unique periods of my life. I candidly share my thoughts and opinions I had when I was of the world, which were completely faulty and solely influenced by my feelings and emotions, disappointments and experiences, and lack of guidance and explanations. I came to a point where I recognized where there had to be more to life than working and paying bills. My life was unfulfilling, and I exhausted every possibility that I could think of. Now what do I do?

Adventures of Jake

Jake is a Labrador Retriever puppy, who comes from champion bloodlines but due to sad and frightening events, he ended up at a neighborhood dump. There he encountered a big angry dog and hunger. Soon, a couple comes along and rescues Jake. Come along and venture into Jake’s story. Find out what frightens him and how he deals with it. See where Jake ends up; hopefully, at his forever home and family.

The Window

Window takes place in a small town with a frog called Mr. Teddy who wanted to become king, never considered responsibilities of what took to becoming a king. Mr. Teddy believed that his way was right and all others were to follow behind. Friends Mr. Teddy assumed he had but after conflicts came he found out he only had two true friends who were there for him, Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Hound. Mr. Teddy wanted kingship to work for him but in return became a nightmare. Mr. Teddy wanted to become great, causing other friends to look up to him; he wanted to accomplish a goal for himself and to say that I did the impossible. However, it did not turn out the way he planned, Mr. Turtle, Mr. Snake, and Mr. Buddy walked away, but Mr. Hound and Mr. Rabbit were true friends. Mr. Bobcat came into the picture and there was a great conflict but his only two true friends were there to see him through. Hound and Rabbit stood by Teddy regardless of the situations he faced, I guess you could say he found out what true friendship was all about ; never turn your back on those you think don’t care.

Desert Beach

In the year 2015, Atascadero, California is the epicenter of a seismic event that will forever alter the course of U.S history. A 10.2 earthquake has sent much of the state into the Pacific Ocean. Atascadero State Prison has become a pile of rubble, where prisoners and staff are scrambling to survive. Bob, a mental health counselor, and his surviving colleagues have mustered up the strength and determination to escape their surroundings and forge a new existence elsewhere, by setting sail and settling in Las Vegas. The precarious new world which they face is surprisingly ripe with promise. This is a story of destruction and rebirth, and the ability of the human spirit to prosper despite what may appear to be an insurmountable event. Desert Beach offers a glimpse at the potential for human beings to thrive when the simple pleasures of life become paramount, and the prosperity that follows when we realize the true meaning of living. Desert Beach is a new Mediterranean lifestyle near Las Vegas. A 10.2 earthquake sends California into the Pacific Ocean. Desert Beach now has the best surfing from Huntington Beach, the best fishing from Monterey, the best entertainment from Hollywood, the best weather from San Diego, the best golfing from LA Country Club, the best snow skiing from Mammoth Mountain, the best marijuana from Humbolt County. The Channel Islands are gone and replaced by the Whitney Islands. Make Desert Beach your new life and the hub of America. YOU HAVE LANDED ON DESERT BEACH

Dark Rage

Two powerful nations, the Utopian Kingdom and the Darkcon Empire are on the cusp of war. The monarch of the Utopian Kingdom, Princess Asora is looking for a new way to fight the impending war with the Darkcon Empire and their powerful Queen Laxur. War would come and Asora wants to move her magical but obsolete kingdom into a modernized society and use more advanced technology to combat the rapidly advancing Darkcon Empire. Queen Laxur is on a quest to obtain the ultimate power as well as wage war.

Kingdoms & Empire: Rise of the Federation

Merely a month after the events of Dark Rage a new power arrives from deep space. The powerful alien superpower called the Federation lead by Pro-Counsel D’var. The Federation view the Utopian Kingdom and Darkcon Empire as an affront to the natural order. The Federation Wars begin with a massive invasion with the intent of conquering the realm. The war rages across the realm Princess Asora forces her people to advance and fight the more powerful Federation.

Elizabeth and the Observatory

At the end of the Nineteenth Century mankind stood on the brink of achieving a new age. An age that would be dominated by industry and furthered by advances in science and medicine. Never before in mankind’s previous 5000 years had he stood to advance the human-race by such incredible leaps of engineering.

Mother, If In Heaven There Are No Apples, I Don't Want To Go There

With a glimpse of life on "the other side of the pond," Christel Decker Bresko shares vignettes, anecdotes, and short stories from her childhood during World War II and afterward as she sets out to explore the world. Growing up in her native Germany, Ms.Bresko relates hair-raising tales of the war as she and her family struggled to stay neutral during the conflict and her father was sent off to fight the war on the Russian front. Often going without many necessities and suffering through the usual childhood illnesses, she nevertheless retained. Her optimistic outlook for the future through and dreamed of the day she would again be able to taste freedom. After hostilities subsided, she chose nursing as a career and details her education experiences while living in several other European countries and working in a variety of location, eventually settling in America with her husband. Through her fascination and historical look into the past, readers learn that children are the same the world over-dreaming of the future, and acting on those dreams as soon as they are given the chance. Now retired, Christel Decker Bresko enjoys travel, walking, swimming, reading, and writing in her spare time. "Writing this book added great joy and spice to my Golden Years, not just remembering but to keep my past alive. Mother and Father, who both have passed on, left me with a great legacy. They wanted me to see the world, find happiness, and pursue life to the fullest. My sister and brother added gold, frankincense, and myrrh, which in my belief, are riches, sweet odor, and integrity. It was a great experience to finish this soon to be a 'book."

Living in a Land Where No Apples Grow

To the young people who are looking for adventure! Leaving a prosperous land, a very close knit family, looking for exciting situations for things unknown to explore! Traveling to an unknown land, seeing different people and their living condition is very exciting. Experience the most extreme weather conditions. Eating everything just to stay alive and live to tell all in this book

Special Friends

Ted. E. Bear, a big black newfoundland dog, is accused by the Forest Ranger of chasing down deer, during a very cold northern winter of unusually deep snow. Kestrel, his eight year old owner and best friend, goes on a mystery hunt to find out what is really happening. The answer surprises everyone and proves how life-saving special friends can be.

the Raccoon Who Thought He Was A Cat

The Coles found an orphaned baby raccoon beside the road. They took it home. Their Siamese cats adopted him. He grew up trying to be a good cat but he could not do many things that cats did and he liked doing some things that his cat “parents” could not understand. As a young raccoon, he tried to make friends with other cats in the neighborhood, but they scratched and bullied him. He could not make friends. He was lonely. He did not know why the neighborhood cats did not like him because he was different. One day, he heard a sound in the forest. When he solved the mystery of this sound, his life was changed forever. What did he find?

As the Fog Lifts: 365 Daily Devotions

These are daily devotions as posted on Facebook. Friends have encouraged this publication.

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