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Folioavenue has demonstrated that they are equally as interested in my book’s success as they are the fee they collected from me. Their agents worked with me to produce (web page and cover art) products that are not only first rate but geared to generate interest in my work. Interest generates readership and readership entertains…that is my goal for being an author.

William Lynn Smith



Dreamland: Fruits and Veggies

In the stillness of the night, everything comes alive in paradise... In the most beautiful place on earth called the Garden of Eden, there lived Adam and Eve. They lived in harmony together with the fruits and vegetables in the land. Everything was so perfect until a mistake changed everything for the worse. Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the tree. As their punishment, God banished them from paradise and everyone experienced the downfall, even some of the fruits and vegetables. Oh, no! What are they going to do?


The Raccoon Who Thought He Was A Cat

The Coles found an orphaned baby raccoon beside the road. They took it home. Their Siamese cats adopted him. He grew up trying to be a good cat but he could not do many things that cats did and he liked doing some things that his cat “parents” could not understand. As a young raccoon, he tried to make friends with other cats in the neighborhood, but they scratched and bullied him. He could not make friends. He was lonely. He did not know why the neighborhood cats did not like him because he was different. One day, he heard a sound in the forest. When he solved the mystery of this sound, his life was changed forever. What did he find?


Encouragement: My Book of Psalms

The book "encourage" is written to enlighten the hearts of others, and say there is a way out of any given situation. It will mention when losing hope and feel depress; there is someone you can turn to. There is encouragement in death, and the excitement of love written from the heart. In this book I would like others to be reminded of the pass and excited for the future and given to the present. There will be similes of age and youth troubles and peace to help individuals to build beyond present issues of life. We can't predict what will happen but can be prepared for what take place.


The Wonderful World of Genie Geometry

The Wonderful World of Genie Geometry, demystifies the foundations and concepts of geometry in an entertaining and interactive format. Phillip Godenschwager’s illustrations are funny and are easy to draw models to help children complete their assignments. Geometry is a subject that can be intimidating or scary to kids and adults. Lupton’s approach makes geometry easily accessible by making the learning experience a hands-on process. He also breaks down the relationships between lines and angles in a literary format that also works as a fairy tale or fantasy story. (quoted from: Jack Magnus – Reader’s Favorite Reviews)


Confessions of the Heart

Confessions of the Heart is an intimate and provocative collection of poems and letters that captures the essence of my thought life in two unique periods of my life. I candidly share my thoughts and opinions I had when I was of the world, which were completely faulty and solely influenced by my feelings and emotions, disappointments and experiences, and lack of guidance and explanations. I came to a point where I recognized where there had to be more to life than working and paying bills. My life was unfulfilling, and I exhausted every possibility that I could think of. Now what do I do?


"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."

Milton Berle

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